Out-of-Kyiv restaurant "Tsarivka" - the best place for unforgettable events celebration, the best place to relax

Entrance to the restaurant "Tsarivka" photo“Carivka” is an astonishing country complex near Kyiv in a pine forest. It consists of a hotel, restaurant, two-storey summer terrace and a bath-house on the lake. Also on the territory of the complex in the warm season there is a heated summer pool. Here every guest can fully enjoy all the delights of relaxation in the highest class and quality, and also find the entertainment to his/her taste.

The experts on exquisite meals and elite alcohol beverages should definitely visit our original restaurant in the woods. A wide variety of culinary offerings of Ukrainian, Japanese, Italian and European cuisines, talented author’s cooking and design of each meal, courteous and amiable waiting staff guarantees even the most demanding gourmets thereal pleasure from courses.

The restaurant on the lake, on the water surface is also an extremely romantic spot. Owing to gifted architects of the “Carivka” complex, every restoration guest can enjoy his meal just in the midst of an artificial reservoir, on the wonderful roofed two-stage summer terrace. Beneath the same roof, our complex united all the essential components of the high-quality and affordable stay.

Summer pavilion of the restaurant "Tsarevka"

Lately, there grew a tendency to arrange festive events in restaurant complexes. Our specialized banquet restaurant is a perfect match. Among other Ukrainian cities, Kyiv succeeds in abundance of such offerings. However, the charge for banquet services in the capital considerably exceeds price quotes in “Carivka” and poorly compares to our infrastructural component – own forest area and vast parking zone for 80 parking slots guarantees all the guests comfortable and spacious placement – something that neither restaurant in Kyiv can boast with. Hotel-restaurant “Carivka” on the Kyiv-Chop highway ensures all the necessary conditions for unforgettable pastime and leisure.

Territory of the HRC "Tsarevka"

Nowadays, Kyiv citizens and guests are becoming more and more attracted by the country restaurants. Kyiv and other large Ukrainian cities thrive to satisfy such a growing demand. To arrange any banquet celebration, we offer to your attention the halls of “Carivka” restaurant where the combination of price, extensive menu for every taste and uncompromising quality of the services provided will definitely leave only positive emotions and memories.

The restaurant hall, first floor

The restaurant hall, second floor

When choosing a restaurant for your wedding in Kyiv, it becomes obvious that the closer the facility to the downtown, the higher the cost of celebration. By all means pay careful attention to all the above mentioned factors and, comparing the capital and our country restaurant offerings, we sincerely hope you’ll make your choice at our location.

Out-of-Kyiv restaurants

Country wedding restaurants in Kyiv and, first of all, HRC “Carivka” are a perfect place for your grand event that every young couple wants to celebrate impressively, wealthy and out of ordinary. Creative and colorful are the wedding ceremonies in scenic and pastoral style: surrounded by nature, in the open air. Wedding restaurants near Kyiv boast with spacious halls and original design of the solemn feast.

Our country complex offers a banquet hall the capacity of which is 180 seats and a summer terrace just below the mirror-like water surface for 80 guests, and also the celebration of your festivity in an unforgettable and original manner.

Also be sure to appreciate the diversity and exclusivity of the banquet menu from our chef that far from every wedding restaurant in Kyiv can boast with. Menu assortment and prices on culinary masterpieces of the complex will pleasantly surprise our guests.

“Carivka” is a perfect restaurant on a Zhytomyr highway, created for special occasions, free and laid-back holiday in the picturesque nature, and enjoying of the highest service and tasty and varied dishes.