Wish to unwind and switch off from the bustling city? Need a real chill-out, recharge of batteries and revival? Looking for a special satisfaction for your body and soul? Then you are in the right place at the right time! We’ve finally finished the reconstruction of our bathing complex in “Tsarevka”.


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How to choose a restaurant for wedding
Свадебная церемония на природе фото

If you are reading these lines, it means you are looking for the restaurant near Kyiv for your wedding. You are in a right place and on a right way! The great excitement from the proposal made is already behind, and the decision to celebrate a wedding – marry, cheerful, unforgettable, and beautiful – is taken. And now you face the problem: how to choose the restaurant for celebration?

To avoid tiring, frequent and long-hour riding through the city and ineffective negotiations with management of country restaurants in Kyiv, gather all the prior information in the internet. Take into account some of the most important factors enabling you to select the best country restaurant for your festivity.

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How to choose a banquet hall

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Wedding or anniversary, graduation party or major conference – any occasion implies a solemn feast. Especially during the wedding celebration, festive meal is a bright key note. Therefore, it is so important to select an impeccable wedding hall. When searching for and choosing a location and a conference room in Kyiv, take into consideration several main criteria. They will help you avoid wasting time and fruitless efforts and save you from stress and frustration of the money spent.

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Animation service in the hotel and restaurant complex "Tsarivka"
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You need to dive into the sparkling atmosphere of an enchanting holiday? You want to feel vivid and raging energy and enthusiasm? And hear the joyful ringing laughter of children on holiday? Then you need the services of an animator in the complex “Carivka”.

By the way, the origin of the word “animator” has no relation to “anime” style in modern cartoons. The core idea is in the English word “animation” – inspiration, liveliness. This is what the animators deal with: bringing in the enthusiasm and energy of life joys to the holiday.

As a rule, animator’s services are provided in many hotels, clubs and leisure centers of high class. Young energetic people give all guests cheerfulness and ease, fun and active pastime – the extract of pure entertainment. 

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Countryside russian sauna in the open air

Баня фото
What does Russian bath mean for us? Damp heat, burning hot oven, cool flowing water, tart smell of broom – blast vivid sensations in the body and soul! And it's not just hygiene. And not even in pleasant experiences and impressions inside and out, extraordinary lightness and joy. There is something almost magical – a mixture of ancient and present reality, harmony of sensuality and purity.

There is a curious fact that in ancient times the home construction began with the construction of baths. For home, family, comfort and safety for our ancestors wereindissolubly related to the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. And the hot bath combines them all. Therefore, HRC “Carivka” offers its guests a two-storey leisure complex with a sauna and a mini pool with spring water on the ground and a cozy lounge on the first floor and enjoy a truly royal rest.

What are the benefits of the Russian bath?

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