Country hotel "Carivka Resort and Spa" – affordable alternative to Kyiv hotels

Hotel on the highway Kiev-Chop 'Tsarivka' photo

Inexpensive hotels in Kyiv are in great demand, and they are in demand not only among guests of the capital, but also among its residents. People are looking for comfortable accommodation, developed infrastructure, impeccable service; and all of these features are hoped to be in the budget.

Unfortunately, it is often hard to find a perfect accommodation that is capable of satisfying all the needs of different groups of society, even in such big city as Kyiv. After all, besides the fact that the price for living in the capital usually does not correspond to quality, you may also wish to leave the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, get new impressions, recover and relax. Moreover, you could just be looking for a more budgetary option with all the amenities and entertainment, but near the capital.

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Hotels on the highway Kyiv-Chop

Hotel on the highway Kiev-Chop 'Tsarevka' photoKyiv-Chop highway is one of the most famous ones in Ukraine. It begins in Kiev and goes to the extreme western point of the country. The road passes through such major cities as Zhytomyr, Rivne, Lviv, Uzhgorod. The highway permeates virtually all the western part of Ukraine and leads to the border with the European countries.

So many drivers who are going on a long journey on this route often face the difficult choice of hotel on Kyiv Chop highway, halting between comfort and reasonable price.

Hotel “Tsarevka” on Kyiv - Chop highway combine these two main components, and now everyone can stay in comfortable rooms of European level and pay low price even for Ukraine.

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Hotels with a swimming pool near Kyiv

Hotels with a swimming pool near KyivWe all love warm sunny days, but if it is too hot, it can be really trying, so you start craving for some recreation in a nice shady place.

Working when the hot weather sets in the city is mentally and physically exhausting, so you go on dreaming of a vacation, swimming and enjoying the summer days that end too quickly.

There is a perfect solution: spend your weekend out-of-town and enjoy the best recreation in a place where you can sunbathe, have fun and get refreshed in a large pool with warm, crystal-clear water in the shade of a pine forest.

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Hotels on the Lviv-Kyiv route

Hotel on the Lviv-Kyiv routeIf you travel from Lviv to Kyiv and want to have a rest before a big tour around the Ukrainian capital, you can stay in a hotel in Kyiv, or opt for an inexpensive hotel in close vicinity to Kyiv, and comfortably recharge in the fresh air without overpaying.

This is Tsaryovka hotel, which offers affordable accommodation near Kyiv.

Freshen up and take a rest after a long trip or before an important meeting in our nice and comfortable rooms.

The Lviv-Kyiv route is not too long and exhaustive, but, nevertheless, you can get tired and hungry.

So, as the best option, we offer to have some rest and take a meal after your trip.

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Recreation near a swimming pool not far from Kyiv

Vacation near a swimming pool not far from KyivHow to have great and eventful recreation in the summer, if you cannot go to the sea for a long time or travel far beyond Kyiv? It's easy: all you have to do is opt for hotels or complexes that offer a great vacation near a swimming pool not far from Kyiv. This is one of the best options for a family holiday outside the city in the peace and quiet of woodlands and in the shade of rich greenery. This is just what our modern hotel and restaurant complex Tsaryovka offers - a perfect place for comfortable and relaxing holiday all year round away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

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Hotels on the Odesa-Lviv route

Hotels on the Odesa-Lviv routeWhen travelling from Odesa to Lviv or from Lviv to Odesa, tourists usually intend to visit Kyiv, as one of the most attractive cities in Ukraine, with many historical monuments and various entertaining events.

Going to or from Zhytomyr, you ride on the most comfortable renovated highway in Ukraine that is the Kyiv-Chop highway, which makes your trip perfect regardless of the time of the day and weather conditions.

Trips on the Odesa-Lviv route towards south-west of Ukraine are popular not only among those who want to explore Ukraine, its sights and natural beauty, but also among those who go on various business trips.

If you are going from Lviv to Odesa or from Odesa to Lviv via Kyiv, you certainly need to know some stopping points where you can take a break, have an affordable accommodation and nice meal on your way – these are cafes, hotels, restaurants located on M-06 highway, Ukraine.

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Comfortable summer recreation near a swimming pool not far from Kyiv

Out-of-town recreation near summer swimming pool in close vicinity to KyivEvery year, we look forward to the summer days and pleasant sunny weather, waiting for it like for some kind of magic and beautiful fairy tale. But, as soon as the hot days set in, the city's bustle and heat become really unbearable, and you crave for at least short-time vacation. You dream of plunging into cool and crystal clear water, and then luxuriating in the lacy shade of trees that let in just a perfect amount of pleasant sun rays for a good tan!

An excellent, and what is the most important, affordable solution will be an out-of-town recreation near a swimming pool not far from Kyiv in our cosy Tsaryovka hotel and restaurant complex. This is a perfect option for a weekend break if the long-lasting vacation is still impossible. Also, you are welcome to spend here as much time as you wish – a week or a whole vacation, saving on expensive trips abroad.

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Hotels on the Kharkiv-Lviv route

Hotel on the Kharkiv-Lviv routeThe Kharkiv-Lviv route passes through many cities of Ukraine, including Poltava, Yahotyn, Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Dubno, and Brody. Connecting the east and west of Ukraine, the highway runs through Kyiv, providing the best opportunities for travellers to explore Ukraine and its capital and offering a wide range of options for taking a rest on the way.

The journey takes an average of 12 hours. That is why you and your passengers absolutely need a break for at least a couple of hours during this trip.

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Wish to unwind and switch off from the bustling city? Need a real chill-out, recharge of batteries and revival? Looking for a special satisfaction for your body and soul? Then you are in the right place at the right time! We’ve finally finished the reconstruction of our bathing complex in “Tsarevka”.

And right now you may take a real delight in exotic Turkish bath.

Just imagine the mystical ambience of Eastern delicacy, luxury and rapture! No need for any efforts at all. It all comes naturally. All works fine.

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Hotels on the Ternopil-Kyiv route

Hotel on the Ternopil-Kyiv route

The best route from Ternopil to Kyiv via Berdychiv and Zhytomyr is the P32 and E40 highways.

However, you can get to Kyiv by other, no less popular, but less busy roads.

But whatever route you have chosen, after driving for more than 4 hours you need to take some rest and relax, drink coffee or have a good meal.

If you are planning a trip with an overnight stay in Kyiv, Tsaryovka hotel located in close vicinity to the capital of Ukraine will be the perfect option.

Experienced travellers know that one needs to book the most suitable inexpensive hotel accommodation near Kyiv in advance in order not only to save on the services provided, but also to recreate away from the hustle and bustle of the city, spend the night, freshen up and recharge before further journey a tour around the Ukrainian capital.

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Where to celebrate the New Year in Ukraine?

Where to celebrate the New Year in Ukraine?New Year is a special and magical holiday. Children and adults are waiting for it, because, regardless of age, we all believe in tales and miracles. How, with whom and where to celebrate the New Year in Ukraine? This issue has recently become especially concerning, since with the recent pandemic and quarantine restrictions, most people have significantly changed their attitude towards their health and preferences in leisure activities. However, despite all the difficulties of the 2020 year, we are still hoping for positive emotions and the fulfillment of our dreams. Many of us will celebrate the New Year in Ukraine, but how and where?

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