Valentine's Day, your romantic evening at the Tsaryovka restaurant!

 Valentine's Day at the Tsaryovka restaurant

What is the best place to celebrate Valentine's Day? The answer is vivid - it’s Tsaryovka restaurant!

Celebrate Valentine's Day together with Tsaryovka hotel and restaurant complex, enjoy romantic and relaxed atmosphere with your sweetheart, and express your tender feelings and love in beautiful surroundings.

We adorn restaurant halls with romantic decor including hearts, ribbons, candles and much more to create a relaxing, pleasant and delightful atmosphere of the lovers' holiday.

On this day, we offer our guests the most delicious meals from our classic menu and the menu of Italian cuisine, cooked by the Tsaryovka restaurant chef with special inspiration and care.

Romantic mood, soft candlelight, pleasant quiet music, delicious food, the best wines and haute cuisine – it sounds so tempting, isn't it?

Do not miss your chance to make a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day to your special one, that is the most memorable moments and your tender care!

Tsaryovka complex gives loving couples special discounts and treats on the occasion of the holiday:

  • sweets made by our chef to all guests of Tsaryovka restaurant;
  • 5% discount for advance reservation of a table;
  • 5% discount on hotel accommodation for all guests of the festive party (subject to booking on 14 February and availability of rooms)

Valentine's Day is a special occasion to plunge into romantic atmosphere

День Святого Валентина в ЦарівціValentine's Day is a special occasion to plunge into the atmosphere of love, it is a delightful and bright holiday, which has been celebrated in almost all countries of the world for many years.

Nowadays, 14 February is a perfect occasion for celebrations, concerts, and even parades. An ordinary day turns into a magic event filled with gifts, love confessions, delight and fun.

This day is a celebration of love and tenderness, so do not miss a chance to express your feelings and special care for your loved ones.

However, today it is not just a holiday of loving couples, for we also congratulate our parents, teachers, brothers and sisters, friends or acquaintances, thus expressing our care and warm feelings towards them.

Valentine's Day at the Tsaryovka restaurant

Traditions of celebrating Valentine's Day

Although there are various traditions and customs associated with the holiday, the most popular way to celebrate Valentine's Day is to express love to your special ones in any way, from so-called valentine cards, gifts, and verbal greetings, to a romantic evening in a restaurant by candlelight.

One of the most popular gifts on this day are flowers and sweets, as well as the exchange of romantic messages.

With people's welfare growing, exclusive gifts are becoming more and more preferable: these are jewellery that men give as a gift to their special ones, trips for two, and romantic surprises and practical jokes.

As an option and more affordable pastime, many entertainment centres offer couples to participate in various contests on 14 February, sweethearts go to the cinema or just enjoy the romantic atmosphere of this day taking an evening stroll along the streets.

It would be perfect to end this wonderful day with a delicious dinner in a restaurant.

We welcome you to enjoy your festive dinner in the cosy atmosphere of Tsaryovka restaurant!

Valentine's Day history of origin and traditions

Valentine's Day history of origin

The holiday dedicated to love is associated with the story of one kind-hearted priest Valentine, who, despite the Emperor's prohibition, continued to marry loving couples with a threat to his own life.

Unfortunately, the priest was executed, but his heart had a chance to be warmed by love.

It was the jailer's daughter, who had won Valentine's heart, she received a letter from him signed with the two short words 'Your Valentine'. The name of the valentine cards mostly shaped as hearts came from these words.

Declaration of love is the best gift for Valentine's Day

Surprise your special one on Valentine's Day!

For many couples, 14 February is a special day because this is the day when they decide to get married. It is a big commitment that traditionally ends with a romantic dinner in the evening.

Where to celebrate such a big event and Valentine's Day?

If you read this, you are very close to the right choice - this is Tsaryovka out-of-town restaurant!

To make your evening perfect, please, be sure to reserve a table in advance, and we will take care of the most comfortable place prepared just for you.

Delicious food, exquisite drinks, cocktails, desserts and sweets, unique atmosphere and impeccable service will make this evening at the Tsaryovka hotel and restaurant complex so great that you will always remember it.

Dinner in Tsaryovka restaurant is the best gift for Valentine's Day!

We treat all our guests as kings and queens, and about those in love we care even more!