Italian cuisine in “Tsarevka” restaurant – holiday à la “Provence”

Real Italian pizzaItalian cuisine is one of the most spread and favored in the whole world; the best its dishes have long ago had a great pride of place in menus of high cuisine restaurants.

The “Tsarevka” restaurant offers you an absolutely new and exclusive menu wholly devoted to Italian cuisine. It comprises the most well-known and tasty courses that hardly would leave cold any connoisseurs and gourmets.

The success of Italian cuisine is contributed to the use of the freshest ingredients for meals preparation. What is more, all the areas of Italia have their own, local dishes. And each region, province and city of this hospitable and sunny country have done their invaluable bit into the richness of gastronomic specialties, presenting us, with the genuinely Italian cordiality, the amazing diversity of culinary masterpieces.

Italian cuisine is not only delicious pizza and pasta dishes, as a lot of us got used to think. Once having asked the true gourmand which the tastiest and most unique dishes the Italians discovered, you’ll get an immediately answer: carpaccio, caprese, osso buco, lasagna, spaghetti, ravioli, risotto, spicy tomato and delicate cream soups, inimitable meat courses and, surely, grill dishes!

Viva Italia!

Curious facts about Italian cuisine

Parma ham, or prosciutto, is served as a meat aperitif and as a part of cold cuts, or as an appetizer before the main course. In the summer time, the residents of sunny Italia enjoy prosciutto with watermelon or muskmelon on skewers, and also mix seemingly out-of-place ingredients – prosciutto with honey – the stunning combination of sweet and salty.
Did you know that parmesan cheese is rights managed? Alas, parmesan production is prohibited outside the borders of the motherland – eponymous Italian province Parma. This exquisite product of milk processing matures for 12 months and, only after a thorough check by specialists, it acquires the certificate of quality.
Original Italian Pizza shouldn’t be generously dressed with cheese or tomato pasta! The Italians usually eat it, like prosciutto, as a snack, prior to dinner or supper.
Italian cuisine doesn’t harm the figure: such popular farinaceous meals – pizza, pasta, lasagna – are prepared from strong white flour and coarse flour, which prevents overweight, since it stimulates well-balanced digestion. The core ingredients of renowned Italian desserts are fruit and light milk yoghurts or cheeses.
Spaghetti and risotto are not a garnish, but rather an individual dish.
The most epic failure the tourist can make regarding Italian cuisine and personally every Italian man is dressing pizza or pasta with ketchup. And the greatest injury ever made to a chef is strewing seafood pasta with parmesan, capping it all!
It was in Italia where the cooking method of preparing the most popular beverage in the world was invented – classic espresso coffee. No wonder that the first espresso-making machine was introduced to public also in Italia in 1905.

Real Italian pizza Antipasto: Jamon, mozzarella, parmesan, eggplant caviar, basil and tomato pesto, vegetables Tagliatelle with salmon, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and pesto sauce Thick soup with squid, mussels, pike perch and salmon

Buon appetito!