Where and how to celebrate March 8? Which restaurant to choose?

Bouquet for March 8 photoHow does a holiday differ from everyday life? First of all, with the fact that you have the whole day at your disposal, afford everything that is inaccessible during the working week: rest, sleep, meeting with friends and cheerful feast. And in unlimited quantities.

What differs the mood and plans on March 8 from those on any other holiday? The atmosphere of the weekend and the script itself are already predetermined – spring, love and female beauty run the show here.

How to unusually celebrate March 8? What a surprise to prepare for beloved wife, mother, sister, daughter and female colleagues at work? Most men scratch their heads to succeed in these backbreaking pieces of work. You can certainly call all your friends and acquaintances asking where and how to celebrate March 8; you can also explore all offers of entertainment resources on the internet, spend an incredible amount of time and still not fully be sure that this is exactly what you need.

Celebration on March 8 at HRC Tsarevka photoWe offer you a sure option: come to us in a hotel-restaurant complex “Carivka”! And turn “normal” Women's Day of March 8 into a real romantic adventure. And the gentle spring sun, awakening nature, smile and favor of the beloved woman will give you strength and inspiration for further darings. And there will be no obstacles to creativity and invention, romance and sincerity.

Why us? Judge for yourself:

- Hotel-restaurant complex “Carivka” is located in 70 km from Kyiv. We are easy to reach on the perfect highway Kyiv-Chop in just 30 minutes;

- Cuisine of our restaurant is famous for its huge selection of classic European dishes and national recipes; for lovers of exotic there are always available the best dishes of Japanese cuisine. Therefore, you need not look for a table in the restaurant on March 8 in Kyiv – come in HRC “Carivka” and grant your darling a romantic evening in the nature in tune with an impeccable cuisine and unobtrusive staff;

- There is a round-the-clock guarded parking zone at your disposal, so you can stay for a night in cozy suites of our hotel without worrying about the safety of your car;

March 8 photo- You can judge the quality and variety of hotel rooms by visiting the page HRC “Carivka”, and familiarize with all the services offered and attractive price quotes. Therefore, there is no need to talk aside about it. Just come and feel the royal comfort and sincere, coming from the heart hospitality;

- The grounds hold a leisure complex in a detached cottage on the lake with a swimming pool and two lounges. Women so much lack time for themselves! Why not take advantage of this opportunity? Give a beloved recreation, relaxation and enjoyment. And you will see gratitude, happiness and affection in her eyes;

- For the most active ones we offer the services of our animators. And if you wish, a restaurant on March 8 will turn into a leisure center with fiery show, contests and prizes, and also be filled with laughter, joy and gladness;

- Only lazy bones keep silent about the value for money factor. We also will not say – we suggest you to find out on yourself that the quality-to-price ratio is always in favor of our guests visiting the page with prices. Because we truly believe that guests honoring us with their presence, deserve only the best, impeccable and high-quality.

Cake for March 8 photoHRC “Carivka” knows how to please every visitor and gladly does it!

If you still have any doubts or questions, where to celebrate March 8, call us at +38-063-128-43-90 (hotel) or +38-095-383-24-48 (restaurant)and get comprehensive information about all the services and benefits of the complex “Carivka”!