Carrying out of banquets and buffets. Organization of banquets in the comfortable countryside restaurant "Tsarivka"

Banquets at Tsarevka restaurant photoHRC “Carivka” offers to hold a banquet at our restaurant, in a large hall for 180 guests. It is also possible to stay in the small hall for 50 seats. During warmer months, the ideal venue for the festivity will be a summer terrace on the lake, two stores of which accommodate 40 guests each.

Those who once faced the organization of festive dinner parties know how troublesome this task is. And for that reason the arrangement of banquet lies upon the restaurant or cafe, allowing guests and hosts of the event to fully enjoy the celebration. The “Carivka” restaurant staff will gladly take care of all the troubles in organizing feasts, decorating the hall and, if necessary, creating entertainment program.

All types of banquets photo

Types of banquets

Banquets may differ, depending on the service supposed – full, partial, official buffet or a combination banquet.

If it comes to full service, the presentation of meals and drinks to the members of festivity is provided by the waiting staff. Snacks, meals or drinks are not tabled. Such an organization and holding of banquets is accepted at the reception of foreign guests on the occasion of official visits, conferences, international meetings, etc. Table serving is done in a beautiful and solemn style, elegantly designed menus are usually placed behind the patty plate, and the menu itself contains the names of all of the meals, snacks, and drinks served, and also the reason for this event. Holding banquets in Kiev is widely spread and, because of that, a bit trivial. That is exactly why the banquet in the nature at our complex “Carivka” will release you from ordinariness, adding highlight to any event.

Banquet table photoPartial service is most common, especially when it is a case of wedding or family celebration. When the problem is where to celebrate a wedding in Kiev, immediately address the professionals of the hotel complex “Carivka”. Banquet wedding halls in Kiev are decorated exceptionally grandly and smartly so that the young couple will forever remember this important day of their life. Our professionals will decorate the hall and the complex territory with textiles, balloons, floral arrangements, and embody any fantasy of newly-wed couple.

Mostly, guests are located randomly, only heroes of the fete are assigned the seats in the center of the table. According to the banquet rules, cold dishes and snacks are served for 30 minutes to guests’ arrival; fruit vases, drinks, tableware with spices are also presented, and flowers decorate the table.

Today, the rent for a banquet hall in Kiev and the banquet menu itself are several times more in its cost than the offerings of our complex, which, together with its own grounds in the nature outweigh the scales in favor of HRC “Carivka” when choosing a venue for the banquet.

Holding buffets photo

Official buffet is organized in those cases where the duration of the celebration takes place in a fairly limited time, but the number of the guests invited is expected to be high enough. It differs in that each guest takes any seat in the hall, as well as chooses meals or drinks on the tables. A guest can leave at any time – it is not required to wait for the end of the holiday at the official buffet. Our banquet wedding hall near the forest in Kyiv that is in “Carivka” complex is perfectly suitable for the official buffet on the occasion of any calendar holiday, birthday or church wedding.

When it is a combination banquet, there may be 2 or 3 of them; it will only take a placing with 2 or 3 adjacent halls. It may look like this: firstly, guests are invited to a buffet with drinks and cold snacks, and then, after 30-50 minutes, they move to the next hall, where waiters carry out a full service.

For any of the events, the location of our complex will add a special, unique feeling of closeness with nature.

All of the above mentioned types of banquets will be gladly organized by HRC “Carivka” providing high-quality service, and unmatched delicious dishes from our chef will gladden even the most tried feaster.