Theme parties in the countryside restaurant "Tsarivka"

Theme Parties photoAre you preparing for a holiday, birthday or corporate party? You want to have fun with all your heart this weekend? And one of the basic terms for you is to avoid triviality and boredom? Then you are in the right place! We will help you to spend a memorable, bright and cheerful themed evening in HRC “Carivka”!

Why themed parties? For now they enjoy unprecedented popularity. Each member of a feast feels himself as a part of a whole – immersed in the pulsating atmosphere of celebration and fun.

We have a great many of ideas, concepts and scenarios. Whatever you choose, we guarantee none of your guests to be bored.

Party photoThe main idea of every thematic party is participation of all guests. And the major skill of the host is to be able to feel and take into consideration different temperaments of participants. Since for a successful event it is extremely important to infect with the festive atmosphere not only energetic guests, which, with enthusiasm and joy, are anyway ready to take part in any undertaking, but also the most reserved and shy ones, and that is often not a simple task.

Next is up to you! Select a ready script, express your wishes, and make up any topic for the evening scenario. And we'll do the rest:

Carnival photo

- Develop a program;
- Invite hosts and animators;
- Decorate a hall;
- Prepare technical equipment.

To make it easier for you to determine the evening theme, we name the most popular ideas:
- Cubalibre: Cuban party;
- “Merry nineties”: evening in style of 90s;
- “Hipsters”: party in retro style;
- “Rock – Party”: the name speaks for itself;
- “Pajamasparty”: party in pajamas;
- “Gangster'sparty”: in the style of Chicago in 30s:
- “Halloween”: evening in style of All Saints' Day (“Halloween”).

These are only the most popular and developed scripts, in fact, all the ideas and concepts are simply impossible to enumerate.

And the most important thing. Whatever interesting and amusing the evening is, treat your guests. And maybe put to sleep. And then a comprehensive approach in HRC “Carivka” to each task comes in handy – in our restaurant you will get pleasure from the favorite dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, special delights of Japanese culinary art and classic European dishes, and sweet and peaceful sleep in luxury suites is guaranteed in the hotel “Carivka”! Just try it – and you cannot remain indifferent

Simply call us and we will help you make your evening the most original and memorable!