Out-of-town Tsaryovka wedding restaurant located not far from Kyiv (Zhytomyr) is a perfect venue to celebrate your wedding!

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A wedding event is one of the most important and unforgettable events in the life of every couple. Therefore, the bride and groom approach its organization with special responsibility and excitement.

As a symbol of a-dream-come-true and a prototype of harmonic and happy family life, wedding is filled with special meaning for a groom and a bride, their parents, relatives and friends.

That is why it is so important to select the appropriate place for the event celebration and make the festivity an unforgettable feast of love, happiness and joy for many years. Afar from the bustling city, in the picturesque Ukrainian nature there lies a perfect place for your wedding reception – hotel and restaurant complex “Tsaryovka”!

Kyiv out-of-town wedding restaurants

Studying restaurants for weddings in Kiev and the surrounding area, the bride and groom may simply be confused by the variety of proposals. There are incredibly many options, all of them are interesting, varied and tempting in their own way.

A winning, unbeatable and financially profitable solution will be to celebrate a wedding outside the city in the HRC Tsarevka - a comfortable and upscale place with an acceptable price policy, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, in the bosom of picturesque nature.

❤️ Our hotel and restaurant complex Tsaryovka welcomes to the best restaurant to celebrate your wedding not far from Kyiv and Zhytomyr. ❤️

Your top-class wedding in the restaurant near Kyiv

Our close-knit team of professionals will take care of organizing a flawless wedding banquet. The wedding in the restaurant (Kyiv, Zhytomyr) will be organized taking into account the provision of the following basic services:

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  • Organization of civil weddings and weddings in the bosom of nature;
  • Banquet hall decoration and decoration;
  • Drawing up a suitable menu, selection of appropriate dishes;
  • Purchase of environmentally friendly products, preparation of delicious banquet dishes;
  • Provision of services of toastmaster and musicians;
  • Organization of various show programs: light, paper, fireworks, etc.;
  • Service by attentive, but at the same time unobtrusive waiters;
  • Accommodation in comfortable and inexpensive rooms of the Tsarevka hotel for the night;
  • Providing the happy newlyweds with a special "Wedding Suite" room, made in wedding white colors and appropriately decorated.

We will create a suitable festive atmosphere for your wedding outside the city, taking into account all your wishes and ideas. Everything will be thought out to the smallest detail and organized at the highest level so that your wedding celebration will remain a bright and unforgettable event in everyone's memory.

The best wedding specialties offered by our restaurant (Kyiv, Zhytomyr)

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The hallmark of our restaurant, in addition to its location in a pine forest with its own lake just 30 minutes from Kyiv and 20 from Zhitomir, is a delicious and varied cuisine, which is so important for a crowded celebration. An extensive menu of European, Slavic, Italian and Japanese cuisine will allow you to arrange a wedding table, taking into account the tastes and preferences of each, even the most demanding, guest. Also, qualified chefs under the guidance of our chef are always ready to create real culinary masterpieces both according to our banquet menu and according to your individual order.

Be sure that the solemn wedding feast will be organized taking into account all the gastronomic wishes of the happy newlyweds, their relatives and guests.

Benefits you get holding a wedding in Tsaryovka out-of-town restaurant

Our restaurant for a wedding near Kyiv is not only a great place for a banquet. It is also an excellent choice for a family vacation or in a large friendly company.

Our indisputable advantages over other suburban restaurants are not only delicious cuisine, picturesque nature, impeccable service and affordable prices. We also offer our clients such conditions and conveniences for a pleasant pastime:

  • The presence of its own territory in the forest with a beautiful lake stocked with ornamental fish;
  • A two-level summer terrace right in the middle of the lake is suitable for both a wedding ceremony and a banquet, and just for a pleasant stay;
  • Free-standing pavilions around the lake;
  • Heated summer and stationary winter swimming pool, water temperature 28-30°!;
  • Exclusive, seasoned, stylish interior;
  • Impeccable service and highly qualified staff;
  • Round-the-clock operation of the restaurant and hotel;
  • Only high quality products purchased daily;
  • Cooking only "from under the knife", no heated meals!;
  • Comfortable and inexpensive standard and suite rooms for the settlement of guests;
  • Cottage with hammam and swimming pool;
  • 24-hour guarded parking for 80 cars;
  • Pricing policy available for different levels of customers.

All the above listed amenities cannot be offered by any restaurants for a wedding in Kyiv. Therefore, going out of town will be a win-win choice for the realization of an impeccable celebration and a fun evening.

Just half an hour drive from the capital along the Kyiv-Chop highway and you are already there! The recreation complex near Kyiv "Tsarevka" is waiting for you!

Arranging and celebrating weddings outside the city (Kyiv, Zhytomyr)

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Whatever wedding is planned: classic, thematic, solemn, pretentious, youthful, no matter how many guests are invited - 150 or 10, our hotel and entertainment complex Tsarevka will gladly take on all the trouble of organizing an unforgettable, original, bright, cheerful Wedding celebration.

Please contact our specialists by phone +38-063-128-43-90 or +38-095-383-24-48, write to mail carivka@carivka.com.ua, and it is best to come in person and see the undeniable advantages of HRC Tsarevka for a wedding outside the city.

What could be better than this when it comes to wedding celebration?!

For us each visitor - the Person of Royal Blood!