Wedding celebrations at the out-of-Kyiv restaurant

Проведение свадебных церемоний в ГРК Царевка фотоAs a symbol of a-dream-come-true and a prototype of harmonic and happy family life, wedding is filled with special meaning for a groom and a bride, their parents, relatives and friends. That is why it is so important to select the appropriate place for the event celebration and make the festivity an unforgettable feast of love, happiness and joy for many years. Afar from the bustling city, in the picturesque Ukrainian nature there lies a perfect place for your wedding reception – hotel and restaurant complex “Carivka”! 

At times, wedding organization and celebration turns into an exhausting, months-long marathon for a groom and a bride. To avoid excessive nervousness and concerns, lots of happy couples prefer our complex “Carivka”. All the countless troubles with banquet the restaurant takes upon itself. Tens and hundreds of trivia: meals and menu, unobtrusive and at the same time considerate waiters, hall decoration, a master of ceremonies, and amusing festive mood – all of that is thought over and organized with you in mind by our professionals.
Свадебный торт фото

Special attention and care is paid to the wedding restaurant’s cuisine. Chef’s unsurpassed mastery enables creation of a special menu for your wedding feast, selection of courses from special banquet menu and preparation of exceptional treatment on your order. He, who knows his business, will consider not only gastronomic preferences of  a honeymoon couple but also modern tendencies and most favored dishes of the world cuisine: Japanese, European and, of course, Ukrainian.  

Проведение свадьбы за городом фотоEarlier, a groom and a bride had either to find a budget wedding restaurant in Kyiv, or, for the worthy feast, restrict themselves in other charges for the wedding arrangements. Now, fortunately, there exists such a variant to celebrate wedding at a moderate price – HRC “Carivka”, where the happy couple and their guests will find not only the excellent restaurant but also perfect and comfortable suites for the proper rest – just a short distance away from the capital city, for the cost excluding refusal from neither of the festivity components! Surrounding virgin nature and the astonishing lake with spacious summer terrace just beneath the water plane become a charming entourage for the feast of love and unity, and, of course, a unique background for quality and colorful photos in the wedding album and video that a happy couple will review again and again on each following anniversary. Moreover, the wedding procession can easily visit sightseeing places and the most romantic spots of Ukraine’s capital. So the wedding in Kyiv – vivid, eventful and remarkable occasion – becomes reality!
Тематическая свадьба фото

Whatever the wedding – traditional or thematic,– all the weary details for the banquet preparation, time for dish presentation, coordination of waiters, hall decoration, invitation of musicians and hosts, and decorators for a groom and a bride will cease their existence. All you need is to pick up the phone and dial a number  +38-063-128-43-90 or +38 095-383-24-48.


HRC “Carivka” is an ideal place for a wedding celebration with impeccable servicing, incomparable cuisine, and comfortable hotel in the scenic beauty of the native nature! Everyone visiting us at least once will definitely agree with this statement.

To prove it, there exist several simple and indisputable arguments:

-         High class of the complex;

-         Own grounds in the woods with a lake;

-         Secured parking zone;

-         24-hour working pattern of the hotel and restaurant;

-         Exclusive interior – dazzling and remarkable in the restaurant and consistent European in the hotel;

-         Faultless service;

-         Diverse, sharpened to purity cuisine;

-         Reasonable prices for every wallet.

One more convincing factor: HRC “Carivka” is located below the city, far from its fuss and dust, in the heart of a pine wood, and thus in 30 minutes on the highway Kyiv-Chop from the capital!

What could be better than this when it comes to wedding celebration?!