Relax in the restaurant on the summer terrace near the lake out-of-Kyiv

Summer pavilion of the restaurant “Tsarevka” is located on the lake in a pine forest and has about 100 seats. Two-storey pavilion comfortably arranged directly over the water, is ideal for arrangement of various events as a banquet or a birthdayparty and just for a pleasant pastime in nature environment.
Summer terrace on the lake photoSummer terrace on the lake photoSummer terrace on the lake photoSummer terrace on the lake photo  

• Ground floor of the pavilionis fully glazed, that allows not to depend on the vagaries of nature, at the same time all the windows can be completely opened outwards – so that you can enjoy the coolness of the fresh forest air even in the hot weather.
Summer terrace on the lake, first floor photoSummer terrace on the lake, first floor photoSummer terrace on the lake, first floor photoSummer terrace on the lake, first floor photo

• The first floor represents a covered pavilion at an altitude of 10 meters above the water surface winded by a light breeze from all four sides. From here you can admire the decorate fish in the lake and the breathtaking scenery with views over the entire complex and the adjacent forest.
Summer terrace on the lake, second floor photoSummer terrace on the lake, second floor photoSummer terrace on the lake, second floor photoView from the summer terrace to the gazebos photo

• Five freestanding summer houses are located along the perimeter of the lake, one side of each house is completely open and is right on the water, the remaining three are closed, such design creates an atmosphere of privacy and comfort. There is a small summer terrace - balcony, adjacent to the main hall of the restaurant overlooking the highway: it will certainly suit those who prefer urban landscapes or just are in a hurry after a meal and want to get back to the road.

Gazebos on the lake photoSummer terrace view of the track photo  Summer terrace view of the track photoSummer terrace view of the track photo

Lunch on the summer terrace HRC "Tsarevka" photo

Restaurant with a summer pavilion of the “Tsarevka” complex is characterized by gourmet cuisine and high level of service.It will be a wonderful place to spend weekends and holidays, corporate events, parties and other events you want to celebrate in the open air and still get the maximum comfort. Light meals and refreshments popular in the summer are sure to attract attention and be very useful in any meal.

Wedding ceremony in nature photo

Summer pavilion will also be an excellent fit for the wedding, graduation party or any other event held during the warm months. In this case a friendly atmosphere along with the fresh air will be the perfect companions for your celebration. Besides, you can invite more guests that can stay perfectly in the banquet hall of the restaurant.

All photos of the summer terrace on the lake "Tsarevka"

When the weather is warm or even hot, the sun shines and everything is green and blooming, absolutely nobody wants to sit in the premises. And when a question of choosing a place for a meal, the preference is always given to outdoor grounds. Such an oasis near the town is the best place to stay away from office affairs and is the perfect place for a romantic dinner in the natural environment. Therefore summer pavilion restaurants in Kiev, where you can enjoy the surrounding beauty and walk around the neighborhood after a meal are of high demand. Also it is a great opportunity to stop and rest from the daily routine with a cool beer or a refreshing juice. Summer terrace of the restaurant is a perfect place for relaxation and recreation.

The summer pavilion of the HRC “Tsarevka” is located in the shade of the trees away from the road where traffic noise does not interfere with the visitors enjoying their drinks, ice cream or a variety of dishes from our cuisine.It gives an excellent opportunity not only to eat, but also to gain strength and relax in front of a new business week.

Restaurant near Kiev with the summer ground certainly will welcome not only newlyweds, but also birthdays, anniversaries, employees gathered to celebrate a corporate event. Our complex “Tsarevka” still remains the best option for such activities due to its extensive territory, high level of service and significantly lowers prices for restaurant menu and all related services as compared to any other summer pavilions in Kyiv.