European cuisine at the restaurant "Tsarivka" - the traditional European dishes on Your table

The restaurant Tsarivka hall photoHRС "Tsarevka" invites all lovers of delicious European cuisine to visit our restaurant and taste the best dishes cooked by our smart cookers. After all, European cuisine is in and of itself a collection of all the best that only exist in the world history of cooking. We can propose time-tested and refined gourmet recipes consisting of selected high-quality products and components, the cooking of which stipulates skillful combination with all kinds of sauces and garnishes.

Greek Salad photoIt is believed that European dishes are of Greek origin - the cradle of world art and culture. Modern citizens of this country, just like their ancestors, prefer richly flavored and well - oiled delicacies, that are due in no small part to the walnuts, raisins, fish, olive oil, lemon, tomatoes and spicy seasonings. You should definitely visit our restaurant and taste the most popular eponymous Greek salad - "Greek", a combination of the freshest vegetables, fragrant olives, walnuts and olive oil will give you a unique bouquet of flavors and will not affect adversely the waistline - thus you can pamper yourself with something tasty without a twinge of conscience. Among historians there is a theory that the first European restaurants appeared in Greece.

European cuisine is next to you

Lunch on the summer terrace of Tsarivka restaraunt photo

In order to try European cuisine dishes that are exotic for Ukrainians, you need no go on a long trip. In order to get that done you can just visit the Tsarevka complex. Our cookers are well aware of a characteristic feature of European cuisine consisting in a large variety of dishes based on vegetables and fruits, and flawlessly combine an unimaginable amount of various herbs and spices while cooking. Try our “Frog Legs”with cream sauce and lemon - a gentle stewed dish that remotely resembles chicken meat - if only chicken could have had such appetizing meat.

The sauces introduced by French cookers are the thing without which it is impossible to imagine any dish from European cuisine. Such sauces are considered to be not only a pride, but also the “soul” or if you want the “heart” of culinary art. A variety of light, delicious sauces, subtly accentuating the taste of each dish, are served hot or cold. We strongly recommend to taste baked duck leg served with the sauce made of five peppers and garnished with potatoes “a la homemade”and roasted mushrooms. 

Traditions of European cuisine

Pasta Carbonara photo

Of course, the restaurant's menu of European cuisine differs depending on the country of its location. The reasons for this are different cultural traditions, living conditions, national preferences and the availability of certain products. Yet the ingredients used in the cuisine of any European country are incredibly similar, since they are combined on a territorial basis and according to substantially the same climatic conditions. In Europe meat and vegetable dishes, fish dishes, vegetable side dishes are predominant. Europeans have not left flour products without attention - the first things that come to mind are Italian pasta and pizza.

You should certainly order one of the pastes available in our menu: “Pasta a la Carbonara” distinguishes with its creamy taste; “Pasta Bolognese” - with veal minced beef, cooked in a special way using a mixture of oils, white wine and three kinds of sauces, “Pasta de Mare” will be fully appreciated by lovers of fresh seafood, which are fried and then stewed with the paste straight on the pan with the addition of spices and tomato juice, which gives the dish the unique rich flavor. All kinds of pasta are heavily seasoned with a typical thing of Italian cuisine - cheese "Parmesan".

Cherry strudel - a zest of the dessert menu of the restaurant Tsarivka photoAnother striking feature of European cuisine is an aperitif, introduced according to French tradition - a glass of fine wine or 50 grams of exotic absinthe before the meal shall improve both appetite and digestion. Europe has been introduced to beer due to Germans, Belgians and Czechs, who invented more than 500 different types of that "frozen blonde". This is why please pay your attention to such popular and always fresh beers like Hoegaarden in our European restaurant “Tsarevka”.

European cuisine has found a lot of fans in Kiev who want to plunge into the refined atmosphere. Many of them have already appreciated our European restaurant in Tsarevka by perfect weddings, banquets and meetings with friends or other family events. You will find yourself somewhere in the Alpine mountains, if there is snow and frost outside or in a friendly and hot Italian summer due to aromatic mulled wine, one-of-the-kind cherry strudel, stylish serving of dishes and impeccable service.