Restaurant for Birthday celebrations out of town

Birthday - only once a year! photoBirthday is always a long awaited event, which is looked forward to not only by the hero of the occasion but also by his guests! It is always very important to choose a comfortable place to celebrate a birthday. There are usually three basic criteria: spotless kitchen, unforgettable atmosphere coupled with affordable pricing policy.

The complex “Tsarevka” combines all these components of the ideal holiday and invites you to celebrate it in our restaurant:

  • birthday;
  • anniversary;
  • wedding;
  • corporate event;
  • meeting of classmates or friends;
  • other important events of your life.

Birthday in nature photoAnyone who spends his birthday at the restaurant “Tsarevka” will be certainly charged with positive emotions and remember his holiday for years or at least until the next birthday. Having gathered your family and friends at our shelter you can spend time in the diverse nature environment, away from the hustle and bustle, and pamper yourself with delicious dishes of Ukrainian, European and Japanese cuisines or book an exclusive banquet menu. We can also organize a birthday photo shoot for capturing the most important moments of celebration.

Why celebrate in a restaurant?

If earlier it was common to celebrate birthdays at home, then today we witness all the great demand for restaurants and cafes to celebrate birthday parties. The reason is simple - everyone knows what troubles accompany every celebration organized at home, and in case of a child birthday party, noisy and ubiquitous gang of kids will increases these troubles by several times

Therefore an option of celebrating birthday in the restaurant “Tsarevka” is ideal because you can plunge into festive atmosphere and not be engaged in cooking, servicing guests, arrangement of entertainment program and washing mountains of dishes after the feast for a “dessert”. This statement is especially true for children's birthday in the restaurant - our professional animators will take care of the kids, and will ensure that all the little guests of the feast have washed the hands and sang the traditional "Happy birthday to you!" after a fun program with lots of competitions and prizes. The personnel of our restaurant will flawlessly cope with all the tasks set by you.

Holiday program

Another important aspect of any party is choice of a program and topic of the event - somebody prefers a noisy celebration with magnificent decorations and someone needs a quiet and cozy home-like atmosphere. In any case, you will like the hall of the restaurant complex “Tsarevka” situated within the landscaped territory in the pine forest, where guests can stroll breathing fresh air and enjoy the scenic views from the two-level summer pavilion, located right in the middle of the lake.

If to develop a thorough and serious scenario of the birthday party you can transform a traditional feast into a magical carnival. To do this, you have to use a little of imagination and not be afraid to experiment.

Theme parties

The personnel of the restaurant “Tsarevka” will help to organize theme party, getting more popular today at which the birthday hero, of course, plays a key role. In this case we recommend to make sure that all of your friends and guests were aware of the chosen theme and have prepared suitable suits, if any are required according to scenario.

There are many scenario options now. Friends of one whose name day it is will also help to select the right script which will surely be enjoyed by the hero of the fete and make a pleasant and unexpected surprise of a party. In addition, participants of the party will be able to help in the arrangement of an excellent holiday and maybe even make their own contribution–they will help you to select the menu, take care of the birthday cake with candles, use their fantasy with to create elegant decor. In this case, birthday party can become a great way to unite friends of a birthday hero and discover new, unexpected talents of each of them.

Well, if you plan to hold the birthday party for children, then your kid is sure to be delighted with many fabulous heroes and characters of popular cartoons. Our animators will organize a costume party or will organize a fairy tale setting according to the original scenario, where kids play all the roles, and will involve both children and adults into the atmosphere of fairy tales. This option of child birthday party celebration will not require any efforts from parents and will be remembered for years, and the birthday hero will be immensely grateful to you for such a holiday.

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