Cuisine and menu of the restaurant "Tsarivka"

Hotel-Restaurant Complex Tsarevka offers you the most popular dishes of Ukrainian, European and Japanese cuisine in a unique performance and presentation

Get acquainted with the menu and prices of the restaurant 'Tsarevka'Our chiefs

Do you take care of your health? Do you think that proper nutrition is one of its core elements, not only satiation, taste sense, but also direct benefit to the body? Do you appreciate and prefer organically pure products? You're doing it right and are on the right page!

The restaurant HRC "Carivka" offers delicious dishes of European and national cuisines. And, of course, here you will find your favorite Japanese dishes: rolls, sushi and sashimi.

Why restaurant "Carivka"? Because we do not just follow the fashion trend of "usefulness" in restaurateur art. We really carefully treat the health of our visitors and hold dear our reputation. That is why all our products are eco-friendly; they do not have stabilizers, dyes, preservatives and GMOs.

Organically-friendly products - the key to a healthy photo

We use pure organic fruit and vegetables grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Make order for original salads with olive oil in the restaurant "Carivka" and enjoy their taste, quality and esthetic design.

When cooking meat course, we use the meat of those animals which were reared in conditions as close to their natural habitat in the wild. While feeding, no antibiotics were used. This organically pure meat contains no colorants and preservatives. Taste our steaks and medallions!

When preparing culinary masterpieces, the chef uses almost no half-prepared products. In other words, everything is done "from scratch". Thereby, the food is full of vitamins and microelements, much needed for a human body; also it has an elevated taste and shares with us the best properties of the products used.

So, here are four reasons to come to the restaurant at Carivka:

➢ tastefully;

➢ substantially;

➢ beautifully;

➢ useful!!!

 We are looking forward to meeting with you!