Tsaryovka restaurant offers daily treats for every guest during Maslenitsa (Shrovetide) festival!

maslenicua v restorane tsarivka

Tsaryovka restaurant invites everyone to enjoy delicious Maslenitsa week and bid farewell to the winter during bright festival!

This is already a tradition that our chef treats each visitor of the Tsaryovka restaurant to the traditional food of this week of gorging before Lent that is blinis (crepes) with various fillings of our guests' choice.

Homely atmosphere, classic delicious treats of Slavic cuisine, and traditional Maslenitsa dummy will create a festive mood and warm up your joy of expecting the spring to come.

Bright interior of the restaurant, special decor, friendly and helpful waiters and the bright fire of the open fireplace in the great hall of the restaurant will add to festive atmosphere and fun.

Put all your worries and problems aside and plunge into cheerful atmosphere of Tsaryovka hotel and restaurant complex!

Enjoy Maslenitsa (Shrovetide) at the Tsaryovka restaurant!

The tradition of celebrating Maslenitsa

The tradition of Maslenitsa's celebration goes back to the days of Kievan Rus and pagan beliefs.

This is one of the few ancient Slavic holidays that have survived until present since the adoption of Christianity.

The dates of Maslenitsa celebration are different each year, as they directly depend on the date of the great Christian holiday that is Easter, the Resurrection.

All days of Maslenitsa week have their own names. They are usually celebrated in accordance with certain Slavic traditions and customs.

Maslenitsa is accompanied by folk festivities. Special meaning of every day goes deep into ancient Slavic history, back in the times of Kievan Rus, and symbolises bidding farewell to the winter and cold weather, and looking forward to the revival of life in the spring, fertility and prosperity.

Moreover, this is one of the most cheerful and fun celebrations, running in full accordance with the Slavic mentality)

Both children and adults wait for it passionately and love it very much, since we all cannot resist temptation to gorge on delicious food and have fun!

So, what Maslenitsa week is about?

☀ The first day of Maslenitsa is Monday, the so-called 'Meeting of Maslenitsa'. On the first day of Maslenitsa, people traditionally cook blinis (crepes) and pancakes, but the first blin (which is 'always lumpy') always goes to the poor and people in need. The main Maslenitsa treat is crepes with fillings that symbolise the sun bringing warmth, life and fullness.

On the same day, people make a brightly dressed dummy and set it up on the central square, where this straw personification of winter watches fun festivities and patiently waits for the last day of the holiday to get burned.

☀ The second day of Maslenitsa – Tuesday – is called 'Merriment'. The day was dedicated to a fun pastime near puppet booths, with mummers visiting houses and amusing people. Also, young people rode on merry-go-rounds, troikas, went sledding from snow-covered and ice slides, flirting with each other and hoping to start a family soon.

☀ The third day of Maslenitsa – Wednesday – is called 'Sweet-tooth'. As the name suggests, this is the most delicious and filling day, and hospitable, too. Family's nearest and dearest, and good neighbours get together and treat each other to all sorts of delicious things such as pies, gingerbread, sweets and, naturally, blinis with a variety of fillings.

Sychkov's painting 'Festive Fun'☀ The fourth day of Maslenitsa –Thursday – is named 'Binge' or Grand Thursday, which marks the beginning of Grand Maslenitsa – a time of fun games and entertainment. It is the most cheerful day of the week accompanied with a lot of fun and festivities going deep into the night. There were crowded sledge rides on the Grand Thursday. Under the reign of Tsar Ivan the Terrible,  fistfights were popular on Thursdays, after which the men feared the fifth day of Maslenitsa less)

☀ The fifth day of Maslenitsa – Friday – is 'Mother-in-Law's Party'.  The night before - immediately after the fistfights - the sons-in-law invited their dear mothers-in-law to visit them and have blinis, treat them and surprise with their dishes. Although, according to another version, on this day it was the mothers-in-law who treated their dear sons-in-law with various meals. Choose a version you like better)

☀ The sixth day of Maslenitsa – Saturday – is called 'Sister-in-Law Party'. Young women, sisters-in-law (husband's sisters) and other sisters-in-law, brothers' wives, get together at the latter's invitation to eat, communicate, and make gifts to each other. Other husband's relatives are also invited.

Farewell to the winter on Maslenitsa - burning of a dummyIt is remarkable that, if a sister-in-law is not yet married, the daughter-in-law invites her unmarried friends. If the husband's sisters have already started families, the daughter-in-law invites her married relatives.

☀ The last, seventh day of Maslenitsa – Sunday – is bidding farewell to Maslenitsa and Winter. This day is called Shrove Sunday. The seventh day of the cheerful holiday week is also called the Last Day Before Fast, the last day when you are allowed to eat animal source foods.

The principal name – Shrove Sunday – comes from the tradition of asking for forgiveness from all friends and strangers for the offenses made in the past year. On this day, both dummy gets burned, with its ashes scattered across the fields, and also the remains of animal source foods.

Where to celebrate Maslenitsa

Maslenitsa means blinis!

If you are looking for a place to enjoy fun and delicious Maslenitsa, taste many traditional meals of Slavic cuisine and more, immerse in the festive atmosphere, surprise your family with something unusual, you are welcome to visit Tsaryovka hotel and restaurant complex!

We must know and honour the traditions of your ancestors, especially when it is so easy and delightful to do together with Tsaryovka hotel and restaurant complex!

A variety of entertainment events, outdoor games, fun contests, and delicious awards cooked by chef of Tsaryovka restaurant will bring a lot of fun and happiness to the routine of the business week.

We take pride in our excellent meals and impeccable service. Satisfied and happy guests are our best reward, because we treat our guests as kings and queens!