Animation service in the hotel and restaurant complex "Tsarivka"
Аниматоры ГРК "Царевка" фото

You need to dive into the sparkling atmosphere of an enchanting holiday? You want to feel vivid and raging energy and enthusiasm? And hear the joyful ringing laughter of children on holiday? Then you need the services of an animator in the complex “Carivka”.

By the way, the origin of the word “animator” has no relation to “anime” style in modern cartoons. The core idea is in the English word “animation” – inspiration, liveliness. This is what the animators deal with: bringing in the enthusiasm and energy of life joys to the holiday.

As a rule, animator’s services are provided in many hotels, clubs and leisure centers of high class. Young energetic people give all guests cheerfulness and ease, fun and active pastime – the extract of pure entertainment. 

Amusement organizer of the new format holds interesting and nontrivial contests and games, inspires the audience to participate in all undertakings and play. And even the most shy ones with unexpected pleasure for them are on the dance floor. Animators in HRC “Carivka” are so sociable and experienced that they easily find common language with people of any age, social status and profession.


Entertainment organizers are especially popular in planning children's parties. And here they show their best qualities:
- Subtle knowledge of child psychology;
- Vast experience in organizing events of this kind and lots of different options for a holiday scenario;
- The ability to strike the right note in the heart of every child;
- The ability to hold kids’ attention and captivate them, giving joy to the parents watching their offspring;
- Natural skills and talent to amuse and entertain the audience;
- Patience and sincerity.

During the program, animators use colorful costumes and makeup, sound and lighting effects, diverse equipment on request – bubble generators, smoke machines, LED color music and a host of other things. Also children like so much the characters from their favorite fairy tales and cartoons! When choosing animator’s services, take a look at photos and videos from events and shows, consult with your friends and those having experience in this field.

At any event animators create a feeling of real holiday, dance, sing and amuse their guests – that is charge with positive mood and energy. They are true professionals! Resourceful and creative, energetic and talented – exactly what you need for an unforgettable holiday. Thanks to their professional services, you are guaranteed to avoid boredom and dullness of everyday life and certainly make sure that our specialists are real masters of their craft and deservedly enjoy their popularity.

That is why a great many of “Carivka’s” guests had already employed services of our animators and recommend us to their friends and acquaintances.

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