How to choose a banquet hall

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Wedding or anniversary, graduation party or major conference – any occasion implies a solemn feast. Especially during the wedding celebration, festive meal is a bright key note. Therefore, it is so important to select an impeccable wedding hall. When searching for and choosing a location and a conference room in Kyiv, take into consideration several main criteria. They will help you avoid wasting time and fruitless efforts and save you from stress and frustration of the money spent.

1. When? The banquet hall rent is agreed in advance: 3-4 months before the event, in high season (graduation parties, wedding season) – to 6 months.

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2. Where? Well placed wedding hall in Kyiv is a prerequisite to a successful celebration. For the time being, country hotel-restaurant complexes are gaining great popularity. For example, our HRC “Carivka” is near the capital, just in half an hour on a comfortable highway Kyiv-Chop. In our complex you will enjoy the picturesque nature, sample the best of classic and exotic cuisines, breathe in the fresh air on the two-storey summer terrace in the middle of the vast lake; also you will be serviced at the highest level and get wonderful photo and video report of your memorable event.

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3. Which hall for a wedding in Kiev or out of town? Before signing a contract, visit the restaurant HRC “Carivka” and familiarize yourself with the whole range of our services. Interior coloring, furniture and drapery quality, lighting and decoration play quite an essential role when renting the hall. This will save on the additional decor and draperies, you just hire the florists. Look at photos of halls on our site! Such a venue will accent the taste of the holiday host and leave indelible and positive memories!

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4. What to treat your guests with? Take a detailed look at the menu and use the help of a restaurant manager to coordinate all your wishes. Determine what exactly you want to make a feast of at the wedding banquet. The restaurant “Carivka” has special wedding and banquet menus. Its design took into account the taste preferences and traditions of Slavic and European cuisines, adding a touch of fantasy and decorating each dish with unique skill. In this case, the rent of halls in Kyiv HRC “Carivka” – indeed just half an hour away on ideal road in today's hectic lifestyle, say yes, you can cast to the winds – is perfect for a wedding celebration, and a good mood at any special occasion is guaranteed.

 5. How? Renting banquet hall in “Carivka” guarantees any assistance in solving several significant issues:

  • - own grounds with a summer terrace, comfortable hotel with all the possible conveniences in standard and de luxe suites for guests, the presence of the bridal suite, made in the wedding-white tones with champagne in an ice bucket for every honeymoon couple – these are just some of the benefits of our complex “Carivka” comparing to city establishments;

    - PRICE – yes, that's with a capital letter, because the issue of the budget is the main criterion and disappointing nuisance at any event, for you desire it all and to the max! The cost of all services in HRC “Carivka” – from the excellent cuisine to laundry service – will allow you to organize any event at the highest level, without limiting oneself to one or another entertainment!

    - Secure parking zone for 80 parking slots which amply stores all the cars of those invited to your special occasion, and its participants, without the slightest concern for their vehicles, will be able to celebrate up till morning! This condition is often decisive when renting conference rooms for the large-scale events.

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6. How much? Determine the number of guests. For this, make your own list of invitees. Then ask your parents, friends or colleagues to prepare their list. Count the total number of guests. Deduct about 25-30 % from the resulting sum. In doing so, you will get the approximate number of participants. Choose a hall in accordance with this number and a margin of 3-4 seats.

When choosing HRC “Carivka”, you can wonderfully spend time outdoors, and use the services of animators and masters of ceremonies, locate your guests in the cozy hotel suites. For relaxation, we offer bath complex with a mini pool and a lounge on the second store, sport fishing and other services. Call our administrator and pamper yourself with an unforgettable holiday and pastime!