Finnish sauna: rules and benefits

Коттедж с сауной ГРК "Царевка" фото

Do you prefer a Finnish sauna? Like its representative temperature of 130 degrees? Feel comfortable with its humidity from 10% to 15%? Then you will duly appreciate the sauna at the hotel-restaurant complex “Carivka” located only 70 km away from Kiev.

But first a few words about how to take a steam bath properly. Plain and simple rules will help you to avoid overheating and other unpleasant and undesirable phenomena.


Before sauna take a shower and then wipe dry. To prevent head overheating, leave your hair dry. Agree that a special charm of Finnish sauna is in the temperature and humidity stability. That is, no need to add water and mend the fire. Just relax, rest and joy!


Pay attention to the time mode for going to sauna. Split procedures into intervals. For example, when the first entering the sweating room, spend there not more than 4 minutes. Then take a cool shower and take a break.  In doing so, you prepare your blood vessels, muscle tissues for further procedures and not cause any harm to yourself. Do not forget to drink water!

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After the first break, stay in the steam for 10-15 minutes. This way you thoroughly steam your body. Next – the same thing you already know: a cool shower, break and drink more water.

The next session in the steam room can be much longer. A total time in the Finnish sauna can reach three hours.

You rarely visit baths, saunas in Kyiv? Then you better choose the middle shelf in our steam room so that the feet and head are on the same level. For better muscle, feet, hands and body relaxation, take a horizontal position. And remember to change your posture from time to time. This way you warm your body more evenly.

And now the benefits of the sauna. There is an incredible plenty of them, but we will focus on the most important and famous. Staying in the sauna improves blood circulation and makes the blood vessels more elastic. Due to this, the blood flow to skin is enhanced. This explains the rejuvenating effect of a sauna. Effectiveness of bath treatment is directly related to sweating which opens up the pores, removes harmful substances – that is, cleanses the body from impurities. And another one important factor. How often do you go to the gym? Then the best way to relax tense muscles is sauna!
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What not to do when visiting the sauna? Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages of any strength. Yes, beer is not worth too. Before and after the steam it is better to refrain from heavy meals. Most optimal is drinking water or green tea.

You want to rest, pleasantly and comfortably relax, sit in a sauna? Come to the hotel complex “Carivka”! Here, after the bath procedures, there is a great opportunity to recharge the batteries in a hotel suite– no waste of time and efforts to the way home.