Steam bath - hamam nearby Kyiv (Zhytomyr)

СПА процедуры в хамаме

Wish to unwind and switch off from the bustling city? Need a real chill-out, recharge of batteries and revival? Looking for a special satisfaction for your body and soul? Then you are in the right place at the right time! We’ve finally finished the reconstruction of our bathing complex in “Tsarevka”.

And right now you may take a real delight in exotic Turkish bath.

Just imagine the mystical ambience of Eastern delicacy, luxury and rapture! No need for any efforts at all. It all comes naturally. All works fine.

This is due to the fact that Turkish bath, or hamam, is a philosophical concept, metaphysical experience and a joy of life. A place where a sensual estheticism goes side by side with physical pleasure and finds it desirable.

Come to HRC “Tsarevka” to rejoice in the fineness of decoration and feel new pleasant sensation!

There is no wooden decking, dry or wet steam. Nor annoying dullness and monotony, as everything is done basing on the finest specimens and the very essence of Eastern bath: pure cleanliness, heated marble beds, spreading soft warmth, chilling swimming pool, and relaxing massage.

In Europe and around the globe, hamams have long become a symbol of exclusive relaxation. Therefore all the guests at HRC “Tsarevka” are presented with unique opportunity to take a real benefit for soul, body and spirit – near Kyiv, with us, in HRC “Tsarevka”.

The whole point of the Eastern steaming bath lies in the perfect combination of temperature and high humidity of air. In our bath, the temperature varies from +30⁰С to +70⁰С, and humidity – from 30% to 100%. With that, bath stays an agreeable place: marble beds (chebek-tashi, or ‘soups’) are heated to optimal degree. Lie comfortably on a heat-spreading marble, and an abundant perspiration begins in 10 minutes. And 10 minutes more, your body is extremely soft, and daily routine troubles fade away under the dome of hamam. And now you are ready for massage, being a part of procedures and the whole ceremony.

Accommodation cost in cottage and bathing complex services at HRC “Tsarevka”

Suite type Facilities and extras Number of guests, max Price* hrn/day Check-in/check-out time
Two-floored cottage for 2 families or eight persons

► Ground floor: hamam, swimming pool with spring water, lounge room with fold-out sofa, equipped mini-kitchen, bedroom with double bed; satellite TV, WiFi, air conditioner, independent heating system, bathroom with shower cabin, hygiene kit: towel set, shampoo, gel, soap, shower cap, single-use slippers; washing sponge

► Cottage first floor: 2 rooms, one double bed and two single beds, satellite TV, WiFi, air conditioner, independent heating system

► Hamam is an extra cost, price 300 hrn / hour

3000,00 15.00-12.00
Ground floor of cottage with hamam and swimming pool

► Lounge room with fold-out sofa, bedroom with double bed, equipped mini-kitchen

The second floor of the cottage

2 rooms, one double bed and two single beds, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, autonomous heating, bathroom with shower, hygiene set: towel set, shampoo, gel, soap, shower cap, disposable slippers; Sponge for shoes.

900,00 15.00-12.00

Hourly rent of hamam

Lounge room with fold-out sofa, equipped mini-kitchen

► Minimum order - 2 hours

► Additional payment when over 4 persons visiting = 50.00 hrn 1person / 1 hour

300,00/ hour  
* The administration of HRC "Tsarevka" reserves the right to revise the prices of services without prior notice.

Why coming to our hamam?  Here are just key benefits:

-  Procedures of a Turkish bath purify and moisten your skin;
-  Reset of metabolic clock and optimization of blood flow;
-  Salutary effect on respiratory and digestive systems;
-  Release of joints and muscles pain;
-  Better sleeping;
-  General condition improvement and spirits revival;
-  Take a walk and breathe deep in the freshness of our forest after bathing.

Still hesitating? Turkish bathing is recommended after recovering from flu, neuroses, headaches, osteochondrosis, arthritis, and osteoporosis. Also it is extremely beneficial after physical exercising.

For true admirers of elite bathes we offer truing Moroccan bathing regime. It differs from Turkish hamam in temperature setting and alteration of dry and wet steams. For the maximum comfort of our guests, the air is heated gradually to +40⁰-50⁰. Also, in Moroccan bath, diverse ether oils and flavorings are used. Attending the bath deeply cleanses and rejuvenates the skin, restores water-salt balance, removes surplus intercellular fluid and toxins. Feel the reduction of weight immediately after the first bath attendance. Not bad, right?! And it’s all combined with great mood, perfect well-being and a surge of energy!

And one more bath to pamper our guests. It’s Roman bath. Yes, the very same thermae, having become the ancestors of a hamams. They are thermae which were the delight and ambrosia for Roman patricians. And you have the opportunity to gain the experience of Ancient Rome noblemen: temperature rises to up to 60⁰ - 70⁰. Steam is thick and soft and fully fills in the room, making the surrounding stuff almost invisible and troubles of existence – negligible. Such combination of high humidity and temperature will superbly warm your body up, purify the skin, and remove toxins. They say, the noble Romans had a motto: “To live is to play, hunt, rejoice and attend thermae!”. You too try the zest of life! Call us and book a place upon filling in the registration form on our website!

The cost of massage and spa treatments can be found here: Massage and Spa treatments in HRC "Tsarevka"

For us each visitor - the Person of Royal Blood!