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Archery in HRC “Tsarivka”

Archery in HRC TsarivkaWish to get back to the origins of a mankind and feel oneself an artful hunter and a genuine breadwinner of a tribe?

Or, maybe, the fairy Narnia world or unbelievable Avatar planet are the shape of your heart?

Then archery in HRC “Tsarevka” would fit into your liking!

Light and handy bow, balanced arrows with natural feathering, a target hiding in the woods – what compares to it for recharging the batteries after a workaday life, tiring routine and switching off for a while from instantaneous troubles?!!

Archery on fresh airArchery is not only an amazing sport. Archery exercises are beneficial and available to all age groups; even disabled people can do this sporting activity.

During the mankind history, bow served as an oldest armament. According to some scholars, first bows appeared over 64 000 years ago!

The interesting fact is that, today, a bow successfully replaces a fire weapon in aboriginal tribes in African tropical forests, Australian Outback and Amazonian rainforests.

The motherland of archery, as a sport discipline, is Switzerland of 15-16th centuries. The competition regulations and the foundational set of rules were designed only at the end of 19th century.

Bowmen of the USA, Italia, and South Korea are acknowledged the best in the world, in view of the results of last competitions.

Join us and train regularly at HRC “Tsarevka”!

Every guest for us is a Person of Royal Lineage!