NGcarivka 2022 eng


Table tennis in HRC “Tsarevka”

Настольный теннис в ГРК ЦарёвкаHigh-quality table, professional rackets and lots of space – everything necessary for a good play at table tennis!

This is one of a kind playground; convenience for gaming and players ideally go together with all the delights of staying in the fresh air and getting away from it all.

Come with your friends and colleagues - and entertainment complex “Tsarevka” will assist in arranging the tournament. Lack of partners – come alone and find them here!

Also you may advance your table tennis skills with our trainers (by previous appointment).

Tennis table is located on the ground floor of the summer terrace near the lake, where you may take pleasure observing a 4 metres waterfall and a pinewood out of a window, while playing tennis in an area shielded from any wind and draught.

The hall places up to 30 viewers, therefore the whole-hearted support of your fans is surely guaranteed!

Every guest for us is a Person of Royal Lineage!