Hotels on the highway Kyiv-Chop
Гостиница на трассе Киев-Чоп "Царевка" фото

Kyiv-Chop highway is one of the most famous ones in Ukraine. It begins in Kiev and goes to the extreme western point of the country. The road passes through such major cities as Zhytomyr, Rivne, Lviv, Uzhgorod. The highway permeates virtually all the western part of Ukraine and leads to the border with the European countries.

So many drivers who are going on a long journey on this route often face the difficult choice of hotel on Kyiv Chop highway, halting between comfort and reasonable price.

Hotel “Tsarevka” on Kyiv - Chop highway combine these two main components, and now everyone can stay in comfortable rooms of European level and pay low price even for Ukraine.
Hotel and restaurant complex “Tsarevka” is located 75 km or 30 minutes’ drive from Kyiv in close proximity to the highway and at the same time not above the roadway itself that will guarantee a proper sleep and rest in the quiet of the forest.

Photos of HRC "Tsarivka"

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Finnish sauna: rules and benefits

Коттедж с сауной ГРК "Царевка" фото

Do you prefer a Finnish sauna? Like its representative temperature of 130 degrees? Feel comfortable with its humidity from 10% to 15%? Then you will duly appreciate the sauna at the hotel-restaurant complex “Carivka” located only 70 km away from Kiev.

But first a few words about how to take a steam bath properly. Plain and simple rules will help you to avoid overheating and other unpleasant and undesirable phenomena.


Before sauna take a shower and then wipe dry. To prevent head overheating, leave your hair dry. Agree that a special charm of Finnish sauna is in the temperature and humidity stability. That is, no need to add water and mend the fire. Just relax, rest and joy!

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